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Most questions can be answered on our Policies Page or our Hedgehog Care Page.

Before any hedgehog leaves us, the buyer must complete the questionnaire below.
Once the form is received, we will contact you with a payment/deposit and pick-up options.

What is your reason for wanting a hedgehog?
Please tell us what you're interested in
Email address (please make sure to enter it correctly and entirely)
Your age
First and Last Name
City and State (as it appears on your DL/ID)
Contact Phone
Have you ever owned (or do you now own) a hedgehog?
Do you have a vet that treats African Hedgehogs?
How will you handle it if your hedgehog should ever bite or become grumpy?
What kind of housing will you provide? Please include size
What is the ideal temperature range for African hedgehogs?
What kind of insects will you offer and how often?
Will you provide a wheel for your hedgie?
Questions/Comments ... If you are interested in a hedgie that is currently posted, please let us know which one
Have you read our policies?

Attention:  We have received several forms recently that had incorrect email adresses.
             Please double check your email address before you submit this form.
             If your information is incorrect, we will have no way to contact you.

Quick Contact
If you have contacted us previously and just need to send a quick note, use the form below.

First and Last Name
Email Address
City and State
Commens or questions

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